RTV630 001-KIT(1.0 Lbs-0.454 Kg)

RTV630 001-KIT(1.0 Lbs-0.454 Kg)

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Manufacturer: Momentive
Part #: RTV 630, LB KIT
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2 Part High Strength, General Purpose, Addition CU
RTV630 blue two component silicone rubber compound cures at room temperature to a high strength silicone rubber. This product is supplied in a matched kit of base (A) component and curing agent (B) component which is designed for use at a convenient 10:1 ratio by weight. The viscosity of the catalyzed compound is a moderately pourable 150,000 cps. RTV630 silicone rubber compound is a medium viscosity product which will form thin, light-weight molds with excellent durability. The high tear resistance and inherent release ability of RTV630 rubber compound make it well suited to the manufacture of intricate castings, by reproducing each part exactly to detail. Other typical applications for RTV630 silicone rubber compound include prototype parts, production tools for casting epoxies and rubber rolls. Electrical circuits requiring a tough potting compound with outstanding vibration withstanding capability find RTV630 unequalled.

Vms Part NumberVMS-0984-00185
NumberRTV 630
Other Product Identifier9497
Short Description2 Part High Strength, General Purpose, Addition CU
Part NumberRTV 630, LB KIT
Coefficient Of Expansion21.0 x 10^-5 cm/cm, °C (11.4 x 10^-5 in/in, °F) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
ColorBlue (With Curing Agent Added) A: Beige, B: Blue
ConsistencyPourable(With Curing Agent Added) A: Pourable, B: Easily Pourable
Cure SpeedSlow Cure
Cure SpeedSlow Cure
Unit of MeasureEA
Cure Time25 °C (77 °F) at 7 days65 °C (149 °F) at 4 hrs.100 °C (212 °F) at 1 hr.125 °C (257 °F) at 45 min.150 °C (302 °C) at 15 min.
Cure Type2 Part Heat
Dielectric Constant3.2 @ 1000 Hz (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Dielectric Strength17.7 kV/mm (450 Volts/mil)(1.9 mm thick) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Dissipation Factor0.006 @ 1000 Hz (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Durometer Hardness60 Shore A (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Elongation250% (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Mixed ColorBlue
Per Package12
Per Case12
Shrinkage0.8% (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Specific Gravity1.28 (With Curing Agent Added) A: 1.29, B:1.07
Specific Heat0.35 cal/gm, ° C (0.35 BTU/lb, °F) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Tear Strength20 kg/cm (110 lb/in) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Tensile Strength58 kg/cm^2 (820 psi) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Thermal Conductivity0.00074 gm-cal/sec, hr,cm^2, °C/cm (0.31 W/M K) 0.18 Btu-hr, ft^2, °F/ft (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Useful Temperature Range-60 to 204 °C (-75 to 400 °F) (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Viscosity150,000 cps (WITH CURING AGENT ADDED) A: 160,000, B: 6000
Volume Resistivity4.5 x 10^15 ohm-cm (Cured 1 hr. @ 100C/212F)
Work Time4 Hours @ 25°C (77°F)
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